Chalane Coit

Senior Pastor

Chalane Coit is the Senior Pastor of Vineyard Community Church in Grand Junction, CO.  She has spent most of her adult life in vocational ministry and finds great honor and joy in being called to serve in leadership in a local church.  She is passionate about God and His word, knows she is dearly loved by the Father, is devoted to being in step with the Holy Spirit, and deeply enjoys encouraging others to find the love, truth, and hope that she has found in a relationship with Jesus.

Chalane is especially devoted to helping people know, understand, and live in the power and authority for which they have been created to experience and share.  She serves on the National Women in Leadership Task Force and has been part of the Vineyard Tribe since the early 1990s.

After 32 years of marriage, she remains crazy in love with an amazing man of God named Tad and they have 2 amazing adult sons, Beau, and Keenan who is married to a wonderful woman, Kelsi, and they have gifted her with a grand-dog named Mila.  Tad and Chalane have recently added a 3rd son, Braden, to their family, and he is a Senior in High School. Her family remains the delight of Chalane’s life.

A note from Senior Pastor Chalane

I invite you to take some time to look around our site and find out a bit about us.

Our church first opened in January, 2011 and began as Clifton Vineyard Church. In August 2016, after 6 1/2 years renting in 2 different locations, we bought a building, moved to Orchard Mesa and changed our name. We are happy to be home at 2711 Unaweep Avenue on beautiful Orchard Mesa.

A few important details:


  • Sunday Service is at 10 am. Come join us! We offer Biblical teaching, contemporary worship, and you are invited to “come as you are!”

  • The Holy Spirit is very present in our church. We are learning to be naturally supernatural.

  • We have Sunday School Classes for Pre-Schoolers through Middle School and High School.

  • Yes, there is a nursery – and even a cry room where we broadcast a live feed of the service.

  • Small groups meet during the week. We think community and relationships are pretty important, and encourage everyone to get connected with a small group.

  • We do lots of outreach to the schools in our area and to our neighborhood. Community is pretty important to us.

  • We always have activities for men, women, singles, young adults and families to participate in.   

  • We are part of Vineyard USA – a global movement of churches. You can find out more about Vineyard USA and our Statement of Faith by clicking the links.


Thanks again for looking around our website and we look forward to seeing you this weekend!  Visit our "Plan a Visit" page to get a feel of what to expect Sunday.


If you have any questions or would like more information, please feel free to give me a call. The church phone number is 970-812-3113.

Blessings to you,

Chalane Coit, Senior Pastor

We are dependent on God.

We cannot do ministry on our own. We know that God has to be involved. Therefore, we look to see what He is doing and we join Him in His work. We ask God to make us strong enough to do all that He asks us to do, yet weak enough to know we cannot do it without Him. We will meet with God every day and we commit to grow in our relationship with Him. He will be first in our lives - first before the church and before our ministry.

We bear fruit.

Everyone here grows. EDLD... do it again. Evangelism, Discipleship, Leadership Development, it again. That is us. We operate in this cycle and teach people to do the same.

We are driven by love.

God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son. We love God and we love others. We experience it, model it and show it to others.

We are teachable and flexible.

No one has “arrived.” We are all learning and we are all growing. This truth keeps us humble. We know that sometimes someone younger than us has new and better information and we are willing to learn from them. We know that sometimes people older than us have more experience and we are willing to listen and learn from them. We work hard to include others in what we are doing. We are willing to change plans to help accommodate and include others.

We are a Vineyard Curch.

We are led by the Holy Spirit, we spell faith RISK, kids are important, we are all in, we serve each other and we serve our community. We believe in participating in worship, bible study, prayer, fellowship and communion and being generous in our giving.

Honor and respect rule the day.

We speak and act and respond in honor and respect to everyone. We communicate honestly and in love. We celebrate successes and applaud people for a job well done. We apologize when we’ve hurt someone and do all we can to make amends. We trust one another and always believe the best about one another. We do not operate in gossip, negativity, or cynicism and we are not complainers. We work hard to live in unity with one another and show the world what “agape” love is all about.

We are intentional with leadership development.

We know it is necessary to develop and empower others to lead. We do not try to do everything by ourselves, but instead diligently work to mentor others and give ministry away. We look for ways to be inter-generational and want to mentor and build up people of all ages.

We value community.

We welcome everyone and want them to be part of our community. From Guest Services or how we answer the phone to how we act in the parking lot and in the neighborhood, we want to make sure people know they are valued and invited to be part of our church family. Community shows up in how we treat one another as well as in our desire to serve the people in the community around us.

We are one team.

There are many ministries at this church and we are all equal and work together. We are better together. We are not territorial and we are glad to share space with each other. We value each generation and know that everyone has an important contribution to make. No person and no ministry is more important than another. We are quick to listen, kind when we speak and slow to become angry. We are loyal to our mission and to one another.

We strive to give our best.

God gave His best to us and blesses us very richly. Therefore, we work diligently to give our best to God. This includes how we treat one another, how we function in our ministry area, and how we manage our time, treasure and talents. We try to get back in touch with people within 24 hours when they call or email us. We recognize that we represent God and Vineyard Community Church to our community