The name of our church, Vineyard Community Church, is intentional.  It reflects a core value - community!

Community can begin during a Sunday service, but it truly develops and grows as we go beyond.  Small groups develop community, relationships and spiritual growth.

Small groups are usually 5-10 people plus a leader, that typically meet weekly or bi-weekly.  Each small group has a different topic they study.  Some might do a Bible study, some might be more topical (parenting, marriage, prayer), some might activity based, and often they have a targeted demographic (men, women, married couples, single moms, high school kids, etc).  Some may be hosted at the church or the host's home while others might be virtual.

Small groups are key in building strong, lasting relationships within the church.  Members often develop close bonds with each other, turning into deep friendships, not just acquaintances from church.  Times of celebration, times of crisis or grief, and just overall daily life can all be shared with your small group!

School of Kingdom Ministries

Tuesdays from 5:30 pm to 8:30 pm

We believe that when it comes to the works of Jesus, “everybody gets to play” and everybody deserves the opportunity to be trained.

For more information, call Chalane ‭(970) 640-1149‬


Wednesdays starting at 6:00 pm

A women’s study on the book of Proverbs hosted by Melody Corpening.

For more information, call Melody at (210) 213-5126