Vineyard Community Church's Growth Track is designed with you in mind.  Our goal is always to be building a relationship with God, each other, and our community. 


The Growth Track is a step-by-step process that gives you the opportunity to find out exactly how to do that, showing you how to connect here at VCC, how to grow spiritually and how to plug into what fits with your gifts and personality. 

Lunch & childcare is provided at all Growth Track sessions.


    January 19 - 12pm

    Step 1 is all about connection.  You will be able to learn about VCC, our story & purpose statement, meet key leaders and staff, and learn why relationships and community are so important to us.

  • 02/ LEARN: GROW

    February 2 - 12pm

    In Step 2, we start to equip you with ways to grow - grow in your faith, grow in relationship with God and others.


    February16 - 12pm

    We are all so unique, but equally important to God. Discover your personality, gifts and purpose.

  • 04/ LIVE: CALLED

    March 15 - 12pm

    In Step 4, learn how to utlize your purpose and gifts through serving others in life & ministry.

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