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One Another Devotion - Day 10

One Another Devotion - Day 10

by Rachel Chambers

2 John 1:5-6 The Passion Translation

5 Dearest woman, I have a request to make of you. It is not a new commandment but a repetition of the one we have had from the beginning: that we constantly love one another. 6 This love means living in obedience to whatever God commands us.

For to walk in love toward one another is the unifying commandment we’ve heard from the beginning. In learning about carpentry, I found out that putting screws into wood has been done the same way for decades. Whether using a drill or a screwdriver, “righty tighty” and “lefty loosey” doesn’t change. We can’t make the screw do something else. It’s just the laws of carpentry!

Likewise, the command to love one another has been around a long time. Back in the wilderness, God gave Moses 613 commands to follow. Now there’s a lot to obey in 613 commands and it’s even scary considering the consequences that would happen as a result of breaking any of the laws. Some of the consequences included banishment from the camp, death, or sacrificing an animal to pay the penalty for your sin. When Jesus arrived and was sacrificed for our sin, He fulfilled that law once and for all and gave us a new commandment - the greatest commandment which we read in Mark 12:30, “ Love the Lord the your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind, and with all your strength. This is the first and great commandment and the second is like it, love one another as much as you’ve yourself.”

This was a shift in the view of just obeying the law, to actually fulfilling the law by loving others. If you are loving others, you can be slapped on the cheek, and turn the other cheek, and then give them your clothes too. Now there’s a change!

However, if our view shifts to where we look through a lens of love, then we see these commands differently. We begin to see them as a way to stay safe, and to remain healthy.

Our view also shifts from an obligation to an opportunity - the opportunity to stand out from those around us. Jesus modeled how to walk in love.

• What are some of your views that need to shift in order to walk in love?

• How has loving others made a difference in your life?

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