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A note from Pastor Chalane regarding COVID-19

Dear Vineyard Community Church Family,

Update time! While the Governor has lifted some of the restrictions in Colorado and the County has received permission to operate with even less restrictions than the State, Vineyard Community Church will not be having in-person services in our building during the month of May. We will continue to stay connected through our live-streamed Sunday service and also our many weekly Zoom meetings. All of these events can be accessed through links on the church webpage: I hope you will continue to be connected to us through these on-line events. Community is important and this is how we can stay connected right now! While I know we can’t wait to get back together, I believe we are being prudent and safe by continuing to limit in-person meetings and taking every safety precaution that we can.

As some of you are aware, the Mesa County government is allowing for groups of up to 50 at a time in a church building. This allowance comes with a number of regulations and requirements such as specific entrance and exit doors, seating family groups 6 feet apart, signage on the floors indicating traffic flow, and more. I am going to work with the Board to discuss long-term ways that we can accommodate these requirements and balance that with making sure we are gathering back together at a time that makes sense from a safety standpoint. Even though we won’t be having Sunday church service in the building during May, we may be opening up the building for some of our smaller events sooner and I’ll stay in contact with you if and when that occurs.

I want to encourage you all to stay safe and know that the church leadership and I will be watching how the released restrictions affect the spread of the virus and be making decisions for June based on what we see as this month of May plays out along with continuing to follow the guidelines our County and State and National officials are putting into place.

This has been quite an experience, but I know for certain that God is still in control, and He is using this time in some powerful ways. I was reminded recently on one of the 8’s calls that while our journey has changed, our destination remains the same. That was a grand message of hope and assurance to me. I pray you are experiencing those truths as well. Know that I pray for you daily and I miss you very much. Also know that I’ve seen some great outcomes and blessings from this time and am grateful for all that God is doing and staying positive and excited for what He is ushering in!

Lastly, will you join me in focused daily prayer during May? I would love to have you join me! I’m praying through our church purpose statement:

“Building relationship with God, each other and our community.”

Here are my daily May prayer topics:

May 1 - 10: Building relationship with God

May 11 - 20: Building relationship with each other

May 21-30: Building relationship with our community

Building relationship with God:

1. Thank God for the love of the Father

2. Thank God for the salvation and eternal life available though Jesus

3. Thank God for the presence and power of the Holy Spirit in my life

4. Ask God for forgiveness to overflow in my life

5. Ask God for boldness in my witness

6. Pray for peace in my life to be evident

7. Pray for joy to be present in and through me every day

8. Ask God for strength to persevere

9. Pray for my faith to grow and my trust in Him to flourish

10. Ask God what He has planned for me today and courage to do it

Building relationship with each other

11. Pray for my family - each and every one

12. Pray for the people I know who are out of work

13. Pray for my church family

14. Pray for the business owners I know

15. Ask God to show me who is lonely today and how I can help them

16. Ask God to bring more of Holy Spirit’s presence in each other’s life

17. Pray for the kids, youth and young adults that I know

18. Pray for the Pastors and church leadership

19. Pray for the elderly and marginalized 20. Pray for healing for the sick and protection for those who are well

Building relationship with our community

21. Pray for the schools and teachers in our community

22. Pray for the health-care providers in the community

23. Pray for my neighbors

24. Pray for the businesses in our community and their employees

25. Pray for our community leaders and government leaders

26. Pray for first responders

27. Ask God to show me who I can help today

28. Ask God how I can best support the community today

29. Pray for the people I know who work in ministry in our community

30. Pray for the people who work in agriculture and farming in our community

31. Pray for the worldwide eradication of the Corona virus and a fresh wind of the Holy Spirit.

Pentecost Sunday!

I’m glad you’ll join me daily in these prayers. Let’s storm heaven together!

Thank you for your love, support and prayers. I will stay in touch with you. I am very grateful to be your Pastor and I sure miss you all.

Remember that God loves you, and so do I!


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